Antisocial Personalities: Antisocial Organisations.

 What Has Been Learned from ‘Institutional abuse’?

Held on Saturday 13th February

Recent years have witnessed more revelations about the extent to which abuse of individuals can occur within institutions – even those that might be seen as dedicated to care – such as schools, hospitals and care homes. We are interested in understanding more about the abuse that takes place in such institutional contexts. Can we understand more about how institutions allow such abusive individuals to operate or perhaps they can even create environment that encourages such abuse or attracts those that abuse.

 This seminar was organised in collaboration with ICAP (

Papers included:

Catherine Hennessy CEO Immigrant Counselling and Psychotherapy ICAPIntroduction to the day
Mary Higgins, CEO, Caranua Ireland The history and background of Institutional Abuse and the Irish government’s response.
Camillus Metcalf, PhD. (National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Independent Researcher, Creative Arts Therapist and author of “For God’s sake: the Hidden Life of Irish Nuns).NO THINKING IN THE INSTITUTION C Metcalf Feb 2016 (003)
Earl Hopper, PhD. (Psychoanalyst, group analyst and organisational consultant. Author and Editor of many books and articles in the fields of group analysis, psychoanalysis and sociology, including Trauma and Organisations,(2012) Karnac “Trauma and Organisations: Scapegoating in the Service of Massification”
Richard Morgan Jones, (Organisational Consultant, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and author of ‘The body of the Organisation and Its Health (2010) Karnac.“Sacrifice, Trauma and Restorative Justice: Individual and Institutional Dynamics’:
Dr Melissa Dermody (Clinical Director at Towards Healing).Towards Healing 2016
Jeff Moore (Regional Manager for the National Centre for Youth Mental Health (Ireland) and Dublin City University): “The Social Ecological Resilience of Irish Emigrant Survivors of Institutional Abuse”.